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IQ Panel Overview

IQ2+ Panel

The IQpanel allows you to integrate security, cctv, video doorbells, smart locks, smart plugs and much more.

With its 7" HD touchscreen, built in 5MP Camera and amazing looks, this will give your customer a better quality of life.

Our IQpanel by Qolsys is a true smart home solution. Times are changing we want to help you give your customer what they want. Through the 7“ HD touch based screen you can control Smart Locks, thermostats, lighting control, integrate with Alexa and much more.

If you want to lead the market and not fall behind using dated products then you need Qolsys.

Qolsys IQ2+ Panel - Quality of Life Systems

Qolsys is here, it will change the industry as we know it and move it into the 21st century. End users want a beautiful looking product, that fits into the lifestyle. We give them that.

- 7” HD Touchscreen
- Built-in 5MP camera
- Built in motion and glassbreak sensor
- Constant dual path monitoring
- Utilises smart home devices

Qolsys IQ Panel Screens - Quality of Life Systems


Geofencing not only reminds you when you forget but can automate your home when you leave, with this you could reduce energy usage and we all like to make a saving.

Qolsys Geofencing - Quality of Life Systems