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BDO Lakeside World Professional Championship 2016

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Scotty's Blog

Sunday 10th

Well today's the last day of being current world champion, I wish the best of luck to Scott and Jeff in their quest to become champion today!

How brilliant was it for close friend and my mentor Trina Gulliver MBE to win her 10th world title to her cv! Made up for family Gulliver....

Many many thanks to all my sponsors, family, friends and supporters for all the messages, texts, calls etc over the last year. we doing it all again in 2016!

Saturday 9th

The dream of being 2016 champ is over.

Other than one silly set last night I felt I was competitive in the game against Richard, but I have to take my hat off to him, he won most of the big moments in the game resulting in the win. I battled hard in all my games to try and keep the trophy and have enjoyed the experience of coming back as champion rather than allowing the champion tag to be a burden to me.

Thanks for all the support and messages, not just this week but throughout the year!

Thanks to all the sponsors named on this website, I couldn't do it without you all.

It may sound daft but I'm looking forward to getting back to work next week and finding a bit of normality in life again.

Friday 8th

Sorry about that folks! I seem to keep getting games like that! That's what's been happening all year where ever I go as people raise there game against the champ.

Just can't say enough about my mate Mark McGeeney! We won a silver medal together at the World Cup so I knew what he could do, with that game added it gives us a bond for life.

I don't think today will be any easier, I have a good record against Richard Veenstra but all by the odd leg.

Today consists of practise this morning, then a rest this afternoon. Tonight session starts at 5.30 I'm last game on.

Thursday 7th

Strange week, the year seems to have flown by but these four days between games has taken forever to pass.

Looking forward to playing a friend who I have a bond with from winning a silver medal in pairs at the World Cup this year. So to have another experience like this will only strengthen that bond, but while we are playing that all has to be forgotten, the goal is to get to the quarter finals!

Wednesday 6th

I now know who my opponent is and when I play next, Mark McGeeney and play third game on Thursday afternoon.

Today consists of an interview/filming with South Today to be broadcast tonight then more filming for BBC to go out before the game tomorrow. Hopefully some lunch somewhere in between, then a good practise session, followed by a good sleep.

Tuesday 5th

Enjoyed my BT Sport stint last night as always, working with Ray Stubbs. Strange outcomes to some of the games that I don't think anybody saw coming.

Another good night's sleep and a good practise session with Brain 'Doggy' Dawson this morning.

None of the last 16 knows when we are playing again till end of play tonight (Tuesday).

It seems that some of the betting sites are predicting when we are playing but nothing confirmed by the BDO.

Monday 4th

Well what a game!

How well did Craig play, I had to dig very deep to get through that and maybe that's where my game has developed in the last few years.

Thanks for all the texts, messages and tweets, sorry I can't answer them all, they all mean a lot and give me a lift.

The power of social media amazes me sometimes, a photo of Craig and myself that I put on my Facebook fan page has been seen by just under 33 thousand people!! Talk about feeling blow away!

Monday morning here at lakeside is always strange, some of your friends start heading home, either they are players who have been knocked out or family that have been here to watch.

A trip off-site today for a bit of normality before a stint on BT Sport with Ray Stubbs tonight.

Sunday 3rd

Had a good night's sleep. an interesting day of darts yesterday saw a couple of shock exits for my good mates Tony O and Dazz.

Up and had brekkie this morning. managed to cut my ear with the razor while getting a rogue hair of my ear!!

Looking forward to getting back on the lakeside stage. See you all later x

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