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Book Scott for your pub or club

Lakeside World Darts Champion Scott Mitchell is available for your event:

  • Darts Exhibitions
  • Personal Appearances
  • Awards and Presentations
  • Fun Evenings for Charity
  • Opening Events
  • Fun Events for Charity
  • Afternoons at Schools - help with Maths, Sports
  • Scout Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Birthday Parties
  • After Dinner Speaking
  • Not Listed? Please enquire

Darts Exhibitions

An exhibition will see Scott generally play 10/12 players in a leg of 701 and is happy to mix this up playing pairs with other men, ladies and children.

Children and Lady players can have a head start or Scott can throw his darts backwards or score using just 25's and bulls.

Awards and Presentations

Scott will present awards to the league/competition trophy winners. A perfect opportunity to have a photo with the World Champion.

To book a date or make an enquiry E-mail: [email protected] or send a message with the Contact Form

Upcoming Exhibitions